Shepherdstowns Exclusive Spa. 

Give a gift that nurtures the soul.

Give a gift that nurtures the soul.

Organic Wellness & Beauty Box

 These beauty boxes make for a thoughtful gift.  Each  contain a selection of SOUL handcrafted offerings, and are ready for any celebration.



Eat Pretty

“Anything that is going on your skin will end up inside your body so, if you can keep, it all clean.”



Hi! I’m Chelsea Eyler, Founder and Esthetician of SOUL of skincare and wellness. I have been practicing skincare for over 15 years and I love having my own space where health, wellness, healing and community take place in this beautiful town of Shepherdstown, WV. My approach is focused on nourishing all aspects of our lives to create harmony, balance and inner peace: Physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I think healthy and vibrant skin starts from within. How we nourish and care for ourselves on the inside directly reflects on the outside. I am fascinated with the nutrition and skin connection and continue to learn and grow my practice in that direction. “Beauty in, Beauty out.”

All of my skincare remedies are combined with exquisite and sustainable organic skincare products, and state-of the-art healing modalities that restore, nourish and enhance your skin and spirit to allow your true vibrant beauty to shine through. Each session is customized to address your skins specific and changing needs, while fostering deep relaxation to nurture your whole being.

SOUL is a portal of healing, and I feel blessed to hold space with you.